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EDI or Interface work in a fun environment.
U.S. Marine Corps Service Schools:
Basic Electronics Course (1st of 47);
Fundamentals of Digital Logic Course (1st of 47);
Radio Fundamentals Course (1st of 29);
Ground Radio Repair Course (3rd of 23).
Diablo Valley College: Novell Internetworking (4.0);
EDI Partners Ltd: Health Care Standards (HIPAA/ANSI X12N)
Trained in troubleshooting techniques, systems analysis, and software design. Can distinguish clearly between knowledge, beliefs, and assumptions. Very analytical. Excellent communications skills, both written and verbal. Able to understand, and clearly explain, any rational system. Broad experience in a smorgasbord of PC software: DOS, Windows (all versions), and most networks, communication packages, and office productivity applications. Proficient in installation and configuration of all PC peripherals and adapters. Experienced supporting and training users, ranging from programmers and technicians to computer illiterates, both in person and remotely.
HL7 2.3 Control/Query Specialist
FCC Amateur Radio Technician
2002: Interface Consultant, Orchard Software, Indianapolis, IN.
Duties ranged from rewriting interface specifications and vendor agreements to evaluating training materials and interface operations.
1998 - 2001: Senior Database Coordinator/Interface Coordinator; Summit Medical Center, Oakland, CA.
Using STC Datagate running on DG UNIX, built and maintained HL7 interfaces from HBOC STAR Patient Care, Sunquest Lab, a transcription system, and an internal Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system to Kaiser Permanente, EPR, MIDAS UR/QA system, ER tracking system, bed tracking system, and back to HBOC. Domains being interfaced included ADT, Pharmacy, Lab, Radiology, Medical Records Abstract, and EPR scan flag. Wrote an HL7 parser in MS Access, and frequently wrote data mining routines in QuickBASIC. Wrote numerous UNIX scripts to simplify maintenance.
1996 - 1997: Lead Interface Analyst/Program Manager; Medicus Systems, Alameda, CA, Evanston, IL.
Implemented batch, real time, and interactive interfaces for UNIX, DOS, and Windows products. Interfaced medical records coding/abstracting product to a variety of emulators, on site and via modem. Consulted with hospital IS staff to resolve network and emulation issues. Supported UNIX, DOS, and Windows product interfaces for existing clients. Documented Windows interface functionality and configuration. Informally, acted as conduit within Interface department to disseminate technical data to the rest of the team, and within CDS, to disseminate Interface plans and requirements to the rest of the division. This led to selection as Interface Program Manager, formalizing liaison and training duties. Primary responsibilities as Program Manager were writing functional specs, training guides, and other technical documentation; testing alpha versions of software, and managing and documenting the rollout of the interface for the Windows NT client/server product.
1995 - 1996: Resident Engineer; Vanstar Corporation, Concord, CA.
Augmented IS departments at Fortune 2000 companies to support end users. Provided all manner of hardware and software support. Clients included Nestle, Bayer, Chiron, and Autodesk. Typical dispatches involved installing hardware/software, resolving network problems, and/or resolving hardware/software conflicts. Fine tuned my ability to fix things I'd never seen before.
1995: Support Technician; Research Insitute of America, Concord, CA, New York, NY.
Supported 30,000+ end users of CDROM based tax compliance research software. Walked users through installation, registration, configuration, and troubleshooting hardware and software problems.
1993 - 1994: EDI Tech Chief; QuadraMed Corporation, Larkspur, CA.
Specified, designed, created, and operated an electronic claims clearinghouse, performing asynch and bisynch data reception & transmission using dialup lines. Interfaced with DOS & UNIX BBSs, X.25 networks, & SNA hosts. Clearinghouse monthly volume grew to 90,000 claims/$400MM; processed claims from 50+ hospitals to 21 payors in 8 states. Specified, designed, tested, and installed proprietary communications module for claims transmission. Trained EDI Ops Chief and EDI Ops Tech to handle daily routine as clearinghouse grew. Wrote DOS batch files and comm scripts for new payor certification. Dual hatted as technical support, performed database maintenance, installation support, and customer support.
1989 - 1992: Technical Support Rep; StellarNet, Inc., San Francisco, CA.
Support/Engineering liaison. Supported CSRs on technical matters. Responsible for maintenance and upgrades of EDI production system. Performed QA on all products. Troubleshot customer problems remotely. Designed, coded, and tested custom programs for customers with nonstandard requirements. Did all maintenance programming on Worker's Comp products. Responsible for data security. Expedited Operations, Sales, and Administration tasks by providing tips, time-savers, and technical guidance. Whacked recalcitrant machinery (hey, it works).
1986 - 1989: Computer Operator/Programmer; U.S. Marine Corps, San Francisco, CA, Alameda, CA.
Designed, coded, tested, debugged, maintained, and operated programs in dBase III to automate a manual tracking system. Cut the Reserve Chief's workload by 80%. Provided phone and tech support on an automated communications system, without source code. Designed, coded, tested, debugged, maintained, and operated programs used for data entry, maintenance, auditing, and reporting, including automated data conversion between Lotus and Dbase. Informal role as local technical support.
1985 - 1986: Electronics Student; U.S. Marine Corps, 29 Palms, CA.
Additional duties as a Barracks NCO included responsibility for the health, welfare, and moral guidance of 38 junior Marines. Further additional duties as a Class NCO included overall responsibility for 23 junior classmates. In spite of triple load, took academic honors.
1980 - 1984: Cannoneer, Artillery Fire Control Man, Operations Clerk, UNITREP NCO, Artillery Fire Control Man, Battalion NBC NCO; U.S. Marine Corps, 29 Palms, CA, Okinawa Japan, 29 Palms, CA.
1995 - present: Volunteer Rocket Engineer; Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society.
ERPS is the San Francisco Bay Area's liquid fuel rocket engine design and test team. Positions of increasing responsibility; currently Vice President. Also Regulatory Affairs Officer. Write simulation software as a reality check on vehicle design proposals and market proposals; wrote ERPS’ comments on FAA’s proposed rules regulating licensing of reusable launch vehicles, which were incorporated into FAA’s final rules.
2000 - present: Founder; SmartFlight, a semi-autonomous division of ERPS, Concord, CA.
ERPS develops rocket engine technology. SmartFlight flies rockets. "Fly early. Fly often."
Mensa; Space Studies Institute; CONTACT; Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society