California Wild Goose Rally

Some years ago, I was looking around for something to do with my life. Nothing fancy, mind, but I wanted to do something no one had ever done before. Frivolous was OK.

I was driving around on the Peninsula, coming back from San Gregorio on SR 84, when I recalled that SR 82 was El Camino Real, and SR 85 was down in San Jose, as was SR 87...and I-80 is just up in San Francisco...

I came home and told my brother, "I have just had the most brilliant stupid idea I have ever had. I am going to drive every numbered highway in California, from beginning to end, in sequence." He agreed with me, that it was brilliantly stupid, and asked, "When do we start?"

I started the Wild Goose Rally on my motorcycle, a Honda Rebel 450. It isn't enough bike for that kind of cross country riding. I rode from Leggett to Tijuana, back up to Santa Monica, out to Pinecrest, and back home via the Antelope Valley. I spent 5 days on the road. It was brutal.

Next stage: in the CAR! :-)